Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Google Junction, A Scam?

There seem to be no shortage of companies which create a market for people who want to generate an income from home.

The usual highlights:

- Generate income during spare time
- Plenty of opportunity
- E-commerce, internet knowledge needed
- Data Entry, clicking links etc
- Internet Business
- Involves some amount of down payment

Once such company is GoogleJunction

What's Fishy?

- The contact link contains a Pune, India address which is probably non-existent.
- The contact submit link points to (Fill out the form, hit submit and watch the POST URL change).
- A WHOIS on the domain does not yield anything other than the DNS entries.
- The domain name itself. Why would a company NOT affiliated to Google, name itself after Google?

Oh well, Google has probably begun the process to shut them down..

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