Saturday, September 30, 2006

ASUS W3J and S96J/Z96J, ATI X1600 Graininess BIOS Update Patch Fix

On some notebook computers, the ATI X1600 creates a graininess issue on the screen when viewing certain shades of colors.

A BIOS update has been released for a few of the ASUS notebooks. This includes the ASUS W3J and the S96J/Z96J models.

These BIOS updates can be found on this thread on Notebook Forums. The BIOS fix has been confirmed to fix the graininess issue.

Direct links to the BIOS Updates:

S96J Beta BIOS


Procedure to install the BIOS update:

1: Download NERO image files
2: Use Nero to burn the image file to the CD
3: Insert CD and when first power on the laptop press "ESC" at Intel logo screen
4: Select Optical drive at boot options screen
5: At "A:\" prompt type "Update" and press "Enter".
6: The BIOS will be updated and don't turn off or reset the computer during BIOS flash.
7: Screen will go back to "A:\" prompt when finish
8: Restart the computer and then hold F2 to enter BIOS, press F10 to save and exit BIOS.
9:Boot to Windows, it'll start to find all kinds of new hardware.

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