Friday, November 09, 2007

Global Warming, Sue the Government

With every passing year, our climate seems to be getting hotter or colder (depending on where you are located). It is easy to notice unexpected rainfall in the middle of summer or winter, rise in sea levels and other natural disasters.

I think the first step in getting a grip on green house gases is to sue the government. Oil companies are evil. They will do whatever it takes to _stop_ progress and widespread adoption of renewable sources of energy.

A case against the government should be such that:

A) A settlement (buying out of officials) is never reached
B) The case cannot be dismissed
C) A solution should be found
D) After the court proceedings have ended, the government should fund projects related to renewable sources of energy

So why sue the government?
Governments pass and enforce laws -> Oil companies do not -> Oil companies buy out government officials -> Government officials buy out climate *experts* -> Government officials lax out laws/rules related to environment.

Governments _profit_ trillions of dollars from oil companies.

Global Warming Fast Facts

This is a great start,
California Sues EPA Over Auto Emissions

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Andy said...

Very sound logic, I agree, better to sue the pivotal problem, not the problem.

The governments are the enforcer of morals. I do not see any business as being a moral. The job of government is to protect us, so they are not doing their job.

I am not so sure about the validity of Global Warming, but your solution is sound.

Next year we can have a new trendy crisis, however the staying power of Global Warming is interesting.

When I was a kid, the big problem on the cover of Time magazine, was gonorrhea.

I think time for a re-run of this problem, like they do with old movies. Hehehehe

This type of logic you are using, I call chunking down, to get to the final or pivotal way of solving. No point in going after the oil companies, the solution is the government. Effective solutions, not a spin your wheels solution or make people happy solution.