Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Google's Mobile Platform is Here

Gotta love Mobile Technology.

Today, Google launched a new platform for mobile devices. What is interesting here is that the new Android platform is not just limited to cellphones.

It is quite possible that audio/video devices in cars, homes, hospitals are powered by the new platform.

The platform is built so that it can be dumped on *any* device. The possibilites are endless. I am typing this on Google's Chrome browser. Throw in Chrome on a mobile device and you have instant everything.

I am so happy that the days of proprietary *mobile only* browsers and webpages are coming to an end. WAP was just terrible. Cellphones are finally WiFi enabled.

All roads now lead towards high speed mobile processors and chips that can do photos, video and WiFi. I am leaving out 3G because 3G does not exist in most parts of the world and is still expensive.

It was about time that cellphone manufactures broke away from the closed business practices of carriers. Carriers are never happy with WiFi on cellphones because users would not need to use the slow and expensive GPRS services.

WiFi on cellphones is what we NEED.


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